The following is a summary of all measures that will be taken to ensure we are COVID-19 SAFE for our team and our customers and has been revised in line with the lifting of restrictions on 19 July. Even though all legal restrictions and measures will no longer be in force it is our intention, in the interests of safety, to continue with a number of COVID SAFE measures.



All the senior team have received certificated COVID-19 training and disseminated this information to their teams.



The following measures are being taken in regard to hand sanitization and hand hygiene.

·    Employees will all be advised to wash their hands thoroughly before leaving home to come to work. On arrival at work they will be required to sanitize their hands immediately on arrival. A hand sanitizing station will be provided at the staff entrance.

·    Employees will be required to thoroughly wash their hands regularly during their shift.

·    Front of house staff will be reminded to wash their hands thoroughly immediately before any food preparation.

·    Waiting staff will be required to apply hand sanitizer before taking out any meals. (NB this is once per table not once per plate)

·  Hand sanitizing stations will be placed inside at both main and tap door entrances and through conversation and signage customers will be strongly encouraged to use them.

·   Appropriate hand washing facilities will be provided in all toilets and, through appropriate signage, customers will be strongly encouraged to use them.



Social distancing will still be considered where appropriate, but in line with the lifting of restrictions will not include any restriction on group bookings.

A separate room will be set up with all products and equipment necessary for front of house staff to carry out their activities separately to other group activities.

·    The Tap Room entrance will be exit/entrance for access to and from the Tap Room only. There will be no access into the lounge areas from the Tap Room entrance (other than to access the ladies toilets)

·     The main entrance will be the only access to/from the main lounges and customers will be asked to wait to be seated on arrival.

·    The beer garden gate will be the only access to/from the beer garden.

·   Table service for all drink and food orders will be in operation in the Main and Side Lounges and Beer Garden. Although payments will normally be taken at the table it is acceptable to make payments at the bar. This will be the only permissible reason to come to the bar area other than in the Tap Room where bar service will be in operation.

·    Tables will be arranged in such a way as to facilitate social distancing as much as possible (1m+). Tables may be moved closer than this to facilitate an individual group booking. Tables may only be moved with the authorisation of management.

·      It will not be permissible for customers to remain standing at bar areas after being served.



·      Bookings for private functions will not be taken at this time.

·   All entrance/exit doors will be left open to reduce the number of contact points. (Inner doors may be closed if the weather conditions would have a significant negative impact on the customer experience).

·       All menus, cutlery, napkins, and sauces will be removed from public areas and given out on an ‘as required’ basis.

·       Contactless or card payments will be strongly encouraged however cash will still be accepted.

·       Employees will be not be expected to come to work if they, or any of their household, have symptoms of Coronavirus in line with existing government instructions.



Our team members will not be required to wear face masks unless they are serving customers at their tables. At all other times it will be their own personal choice whether they do so or not.

Customers will not be required to wear face coverings although we would still encourage them to do so inside the pub when not seated at a table.



Given the nature of our business, The Half Moon already has rigorous cleaning standards in place and these will continue.

There will however be a need to increase measures to deal with COVID-19.

It is therefore intended to continue with current cleaning practices but adapt and enhance these to cover the additional requirements, most notably in high footfall areas and contact points.



As the COVID-19, and the government’s response to it, is very fluid these measures will be kept under regular review. As a minimum a fortnightly review of this policy will be carried out by the owner and one or more of the senior team.

This policy was introduced on 4 July 2020 and has been reviewed and updated on:

9 March 2021

15 May 2021

15 July 2021